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Quilters should Yelp

Do you have a favorite quilt store which you would like to help stay in business?  Like to travel and visit quilt stores?  Enjoy helping other quilters?  You can accomplish all of this and more if you and other quilters would write reviews of their quilt stores on Yelp.  Yes, Yelp!  Quilters should Yelp!

yelprI love Yelp, I look up restaurants on this site all the time.  In fact that is how I became a Yelper.  My husband and I were planning a trip to photograph Quilt Barns in Kankakee, Illinois and naturally we wanted to have lunch while there.  I mean, I like quilt barns but you have to eat!  Also, how else do you think I got him to go with me?    I typed into a search engine “good place for lunch in Kankakee, Il” and reviews popped up and I saw that they were all on this site called Yelp.  First I found a great place for lunch and incredible pie and next, I joined Yelp.

Yelp is a consumer based review site with Yelpers who are just like you and me, people who like giving their opinions!  I  make a point of writing about places I like and want them to stay in business.  I look up places on Yelp before we go to a new place.  And I like keeping track of where I have been, I have been a list maker all my life!  (This is my official reason for making lists, not that I forget things.  Nope.  I just like to make lists.)

Let’s go over the reasons that quilters should Yelp.

Help Quilt Stores Near you – If you like a local quilt store, write about it and tell what makes is so special.  Is the staff really friendly, their fabric unique or do they have nifty classes?  Quilters who live relatively close will be able to find out about it, they will shop there and it stays in business for you.  It’s a win/win!  Plus, don’t you kind of like giving your opinion?  I thought so!

Be able to find quilt stores on the road – If all the quilters write up their local stores, you can look for stores in cities where you will be visiting. This is my favorite part of Yelp, finding great places when we are tourists.  I know there are books but for businesses it is very hard to keep them up to date, internet based data bases are much quicker to be updated.  And the reviews you read will be written by a variety of quilters.  Plus you can do the research before you go and be all set to shop.  Isn’t fabric the best souvenir you can bring home?  It is my number one excuse reason for buying new yardage.

Use Yelp for more than quilt stores – You can look up restaurants!  I also love trying new restaurants and foods.  Sigh, I really do love food.  I find all kinds of great places on Yelp and strictly in the name of research and helping my fellow man, I eat there and review the restaurants.

How to Yelp – It is easy, you can sign up here.  If you post a real picture and write a fair amount of quality reviews you can become an Elite and attend cool events!  You can be clever in your reviews and let others know where great places are.  Hey, you are a trendsetter, time to show it.  And quite frankly I need you to!  I want to visit your local quilt stores when I have money to travel.

Any caveats?  Sure, be kind when you are reviewing small businesses. these are people’s livelihoods.  Be fair also.  If it was really a bad experience you can say so but overall, look for the good.  You might even get recognized.  I reviewed my local library (I told you I like Yelp) and the librarians treated me like royalty the next time I visited.  (Didn’t get my late fees waived but they were ever so kind about it!)

Check out my Yelp list for fabric, etc. and then go, make your own!  Come on, what are you waiting for?

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