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Real Chefs Read Diners’ Real (And Often Scathing) Yelp Reviews Aloud

(Eater YouTube)

(Eater YouTube)

Those words you type and send off to the innermost workings of Yelp reviews aren’t for the eyes of your fellow restaurant diners alone. No, the very chefs responsible for producing the food you eat and subsequently hate on or rave about are also paying attention. At least, they were when reading some customers’ awful, no good very bad reviews recently.

Eater filmed a few well-known chefs eating their diners’ words (if that’s a thing, if not, it is now) while reading their reviews at last week’s Aspen Food Wine Classic. That’s the place you get to go if you win Top Chef, for those not in the know, and also features some of the very finest culinary minds.

In a video inspired by the “Real Actors Reading Yelp” videos, these chefs are faced with a somewhat more daunting task. They’re not disconnected actors — they’re the people responsible for food that prompts reviews where customers wish “we had gone to eat at the bowling alley instead. “

Or then there’s the diner who’s of the mind that one chef “encouraged” his food truck cooks ”to shave their balls on the prep counter.”

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