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NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 29, 2013) – Cyberbullying is an increasingly prevalent threat in today’s digital-driven world — and not just to individuals, but to businesses and brands, as well; according to, reviews posted to the Internet are especially hazardous, as they are commonly used to smear and defame otherwise reputable brands. As the cyberbullying of companies continues to rise, its focus continues to shift toward these online review sites, leading to a major spike in corporate reputation vandalism. has released a new statement to the press, explaining this toxic practice and also pointing to some ways for companies to defend themselves.

“These online review sites are seen as useful and reliable resources by many consumers, but the truth is that they are growing rife with corporate reputation vandalism,” states Michael Zammuto,’s president. “In fact, many of them have turned into ‘revenge sites,’ where invective is routinely thrown out at businesses and brands, by disgruntled employees, competitors, and general malcontents. These review sites make it easy for anybody to mouth off about a business or a brand, and there is nothing to say that these reviews can’t be fallacious, misleading, or outright defamatory.”

Zammuto goes on to explain that online reviews tend to be disadvantageous to businesses, in more ways than one. “Online reviews don’t really take into account the scope of a company’s virtues or its achievements,” he affirms. “Instead, they tend to be fueled by oversimplified interpretations of individual events. One of your servers has a bad day and all of a sudden your restaurant is getting slammed for having terrible service. What’s more, these reviews are almost always anonymous, and they rarely validate their accusations in any meaningful way.”

The bottom line, according to Zammuto, is that an online review site may be a great venue for consumers looking to vent, but it is far from a good venue for companies to explain their corporate strategy or to highlight all of achievements. In order to combat these online reviews and develop a positive online presence, however, businesses and brands need to emphasize their overall performance, their services, and their major accomplishments.

“Accomplishments really tell you the value that an organization delivers, and they provide a more comprehensive and objective assessment of a business’ worth, not filtered through the perspective of a single user’s experience,” Zammuto affirms. “As such, businesses can put their best foot forward on the Web, and establish true online authority, by highlighting all of the achievements that they have completed.”

According to the brand-building team at, there is one social platform that is tailor-made for this — “We love because it allows our clients to tell the full, detailed story of who they are and what they have to offer,” Zammuto offers. “ provides businesses with a platform for showcasing, in-depth, their accomplishments and their business milestones.”

Indeed, allows corporate clients an opportunity to list all of their most significant achievements, ranging from a profitable quarter to a great month of sales, from a new hire to the launch of a new product. In addition to simply listing these achievements, broadcasts them across the Web, including integration with other social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Additionally, is a uniquely SEO-driven social platform. What this means is that when a business adds a new achievement to its page, that achievement is set up as its own unique page, designed to rank well in Google search results. “ is a social media platform that focuses on accomplishments, and allows business clients an opportunity to put those accomplishments front and center on the Web,” Zammuto explains. “In other words, helps you ensure that search engine users see your real-world achievements, not the nasty and malicious reviews that people have written about you.”

Zammuto says that at, reviews are seen as potentially detrimental to businesses and brands — which is why the company has made the centerpiece of its social media strategies. “We have gotten tremendous results with, not only on behalf of our clients but our own brand as well,” he concludes. “And the reason is because this is a social platform that puts important milestones — not consumer opinions — front and center.”

ABOUT: was founded and launched in 2009 by a team of direct response marketing experts, united behind a passion for providing companies and individuals with greater control over their online reputations. The agency stays true to that vision to this day, but has expanded significantly in recent years; it now operates multiple offices across the company and employees a vast team of committed ORM professionals, among them SEO technicians, content marketing aces, and social media specialists. reviews the reputation management and brand enhancement needs of corporate clients ranging from fortune 100 companies to small business start-ups; the company assists individuals, as well.


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