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Restaurant takes Trump photo down after Yelp complaints

A New York German restaurant doesn’t want the negative online reviews simply for having a picture of Trump on its wall. Fred and Amber Urban opened Schnitzel Haus in 2007, and Brooklyn Daily reports that they were friends back then with Trump’s head of security. The mogul came by to wish the restaurant success in its…


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Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is the mediagenic founder of Wow! Is Me. As an award winning filmmaker and actress she is used to transforming herself and others into riveting onscreen characters. Now she uses her well honed techniques to transform everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities. As a mentor to CEOs worldwide, she is directly responsible for adding significant revenue to her client's bottom line. For information on how you can work with Adryenn Ashley, go to

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  1. John

    In my opinion, Yelp is a waste of time & energy.

    Any investors need to take a really hard look at where they have invested their money.

    Don’t take my word for it, use them & see what a waste of your time it is.

    Yelp ( ?yellow pages? – maybe after being urinated on) – isn’t timely, accurate, OR honest.

    They’ll send you to any business close to the subject of your search, NOT to what you “queried”.

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