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Salmonella outbreak at Vegas eatery sickens 200


May 10, 2013 at 2:07 PM ET

A new report shows 200 people reported food poisoning symptoms after dining at one of Las Vegas’ most popular restaurants about a block off the Strip.

Southern Nevada Health District data released Friday show the salmonella outbreak at the Firefly restaurant in late April was more extensive than previously thought. An earlier report showed nearly 90 people sick.

Officials say patrons reporting illness hailed from 20 different states and two foreign countries.

Investigators say they haven’t pinpointed a menu item or ingredient that’s the likely culprit. Inspectors who visited the restaurant on April 26 documented food stored at improper temperatures and employees handling food without gloves.

The restaurant was one of Vegas’ most highly rated eateries on the review site Health District spokeswoman Stephanie Bethel says it was shuttered April 26 and remains closed.

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