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Schensul: Apps to make your travels easier


Hah. Did I get your attention? Good. Because now that it’s officially the summer season (the Memorial Day weekend kickoff says so), I’m sure most travelers’ minds have turned to – if not become obsessed with – summer vacation.

You know where you’re going. You booked your tickets, made you reservations, got the dog’s shots updated and know where the suitcases are.

You’re all set.

But I don’t want you heading out the door just yet. Not till you’ve packed your phone with travel apps.

You could get along without them, I guess. We did, once upon a time … But in the summer of 2013, as you wander the world with vacationing hordes and see all those geeks finger-whipping their way via iPhone to the last-minute hotel room, the way around the road construction, the reservation at the au courant restaurant, you’ll realize apps are a way to stay ahead of, or at least with, the pack.

They get you places – abstractly, as in information, and physically, as in directions – faster.

They help find backups when things go wrong.

Still others are just useful gateways to ways you can better enjoy your destination.

Or at least find your way around it.


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