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SinglePlatform adds Yelp as menu publisher

SinglePlatform, a division of Constant Contact Inc., has added Yelp as a menu publisher in SinglePlatform’s publishing partner network. Additionally, in the coming months, menu updates will go live in 24 hours or less.

This enhanced capability will provide restaurants and other small businesses with the ability to quickly have their menus and price lists found by consumers who visit Yelp, which saw 100 million unique visitors in the month of January 2013 (according to Google Analytics).

“Consumers use Yelp for its rich, local content that also needs to be current and complete,” said Mike Ghaffary, vice president of business development at Yelp. “This partnership will help ensure consumers get the latest and most accurate menu and pricing information direct from the local businesses themselves.”

“With this new relationship, a local business can be more agile and take advantage of changing dynamics. For instance, a restaurant might decide to offer an appetizer special if its local team makes it to the March Madness final four. It’s a huge win for our customers as they look to stand out from the competition,” added Wiley Cerilli, vice president and general manager of SinglePlatform.

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  1. bjones

    This doesn't lead to more accurate menus. It will only lead to more accurate menus if you pay Single Platforms extortion fee to manage your own menu. You literally have to pay to do the work they are supposedly contracted to do. You aren't paying for menus being updated, you are paying for the owners to get richer and the pushy salesperson's salary, and for their expensive NY corporate headquarters.

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