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Social Networking Site, Veterans Together, Launches iOS (iPad & iPhone) Veteran Mobile App

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Our whole goal for Veterans Together is to provide a way for ex-military personnel to support one another after their service time has ended.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Mobile users of the social and professional networking site, Veterans Together, have a new way to keep in touch with their community contacts. Developers of Veterans Together have released an iOS (iPad iPhone) Veteran Mobile Application to supplement the website and keep users connected no matter where they are in the world. The iOS (iPad iPhone) Veteran Mobile App is available for free download on iTunes at:

Veterans Together is a professional and social network for Veterans, current members of the military and their families. The site was designed not only as a fun social network but also as a way for Veterans to support one another after their time in the service has ended. To do so, the site encourages members to post jobs and resumes, classifieds, special events and other items of interest to members. There are discussion groups and forums on subjects ranging from the GI Bill and military benefits to retirement and reintegration into civilian life.

“Our whole goal for Veterans Together is to provide a way for ex-military personnel to support one another after their service time has ended. For example, there are Veterans who find it hard to adjust to civilian life but through Veterans Together, they’ve been able to find people who had similar experiences, connect with them and learn from them. The app makes it easier for members to stay connected and keep current with their contacts no matter where they are. They’ll never miss a new discussion topic or message and can participate in the site from anywhere in the world,” explained Colin Valencia, CEO of Veterans Together (

Features of the Veteran social network, which are all available via the iOS (iPad iPhone) Veteran mobile application or the website, include:

  • Veteran Jobs and finding Veteran Owned Businesses
  • Professional Development Opportunities and Projects
  • Locating Veteran Associations and sharing information about local Veteran events
  • Relocation assistance and help buying or selling homes
  • Discussion Forums
  • Veterans’ Interest Groups
  • Veterans Classifieds

Veterans Together is the most comprehensive social and Veteran professional network in the world. The network was designed by Veterans, for Veterans but it is open to all members of the military along with their spouses, family and friends. The social network site has many of the popular features from other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Sponsors, donations and member advertising help to support the site and 10% of its monthly profits go to Veteran assistance groups.

Interested parties can sign up at Once registered at the website, users can use the same login information on the iOS (iPad iPhone) Veteran mobile app.

About Veterans Together: Veterans Together is a social networking site for Veterans, active duty military personnel, their friends and family. Founded in 2013 by Texas natives, Colin Valencia, Brandon White and Seth Ringley, Veterans Together welcomes all Veterans from all branches of the military and all ranks to join!

Colin Valencia is a McAllen, Texas native, currently residing in Houston, TX. He has been a successful software engineer, involved in a growing list of successful start-ups for several years, and is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Official Recharge, LLC.

Seth Ringley is native to the Dallas metro area. While attending Texas AM University, he was a member of the Corps of Cadets, Company S-1. He is the current Vice President of telecommunications firm, Official Recharge, LLC.

Brandon White was born and raised in Marshall, TX. He joined the U.S. Army in Feb 2001 where he served four years at the 3rd Ranger Battalion in Ft. Benning, GA and 1/9 Cavalry at Ft. Hood, TX. In May 2009, he graduated from Florida State University and currently the Senior Channel Development Manager for Entrust Energy based out of Houston, TX.

Media Contact:

Colin Valencia

(832) 215-9253

Technology Developed by Houston Mobile Application Development Houston Website Design team IOM Partners.

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