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'Sullivan & Son' Recap: 'Ladies Night'

This week on Sullivan and Son, it’s time for a little shaking up.

While Roy searches for a place under $10 to take his wife to for their anniversary on, he stumbles onto the Yelp page for the bar. After reading several of the comments, Steve is sure he needs to bring in a much younger crown to the bar if the reviews are to get better.

While attempting to persuade everyone that this is a good idea, Steve thinks about having a ladies night once a week at the bar. Initially, he is met with negative reactions from everyone but Carol and Owen about having a ladies night. After more conversation, Steve decides to try ladies night.

Following the opening sequence, it’s ladies night and we see Neal (Kunal Nayyar) stroll into the bar and hit on several women using cheesy pick-up lines and the phrase, “Hey, I know it’s cheesy, but it made you smile, right?” as Steve listens on.

After, Roy walks in from an apparently quick night with his wife for their anniversary. Ahmed and Owen wonder why he’s done so soon, asking, “Don’t you want to go home and get um…romantic?” Roy shakes it off saying that he already did that.

Owen then gets distracted by a pretty girl at the jukebox. After telling Ahmed to “Hold his Cosmo,” Owen walks up behind her and attempts to hit on her with a pick-up line that would have never worked in the first place. Just as well; the girl he’s hitting on is Melanie.

As Owen leaves, Carol walks up and compliments Melanie on how beautiful she looks. Melanie isn’t so sure so, Carol reassures, telling her how gorgeous she is before telling her, “I hope you’re commando.” It’s Carol’s philosophy that there’s no point to “put away the instrument if someone is going to play it.”
Hank, the hilarious regular at the bar, complains to Steve that someone is sitting in his seat and is ruining his “ass dimples” that he’s worked hard to make. She over hears and after a little bit of an awkward start to a conversation between Hank and this younger woman, they get to talking.

Melanie walks up to the bar where Steve just served drinks to Hank and complains about the horrible men that just hit on her and how she’d just prefer they showed her something else instead of boasting about their expensive watches. Steve is left speechless.

Neal says goodbye to one girl, saying, “I’ll be thinking of you, and only you!” before hitting on another girl nearby. Neal asks Steve for drinks and one thing leads to another and Neal is kicked out of the bar.

As Neal is leaving he starts talking in an Indian accent and is suddenly sweet and reveals he’s afraid to be himself. Just then Melanie walks up to Steve saying how horrible of an idea Ladies Night was. Thinking Neal is a sweet guy, he introduces him to Melanie and they begin talking.

In the next scene, Melanie and Sanjay (Neal’s real name) are talking at a table and hitting it off and after a couple rounds of drinks, Melanie leaves to go to the bathroom. While she’s gone, Steve catches Sanjay being Neal again and hitting on another woman. He confronts him just before Melanie returns. Sanjay tells him that his real name is Neal and he’s from San Diego; he’s not even from India. When Melanie returns he slips back to being Sanjay.

As Jack goes to the bathroom, Hank’s new “lady friend” walks in. She asks, “How bout them Pirates?” before using the bathroom. Confronting his wife and Carol, he tells them that Hank’s “lady friend isn’t a lady. She’s a man!” Jack wants to tell Hank what’s going on, but Ok and Carol feel otherwise. Ok even says “Back home, those women are good at doing the tuck.” They decide to tell Hank.

Hank and his new friend are dancing as Carol, Ok, and Jack watch on. They want to tell him but they don’t know if it’s the right time since they’re “Dancing hip to hip.” As they dance, Hank begins to notice the more manlier features and Hank’s new friend asks him if he knew she was a man. Surprised, Hank walks away and talks to Carol, Ok, and Jack. Carol talks him into going back and apologizing, telling him he’s not gay, but he’s not being the gentleman he usual is.

Melanie and Sanjay go to leave and as they leave Neal gives Steve the thumbs up, forcing Steve to go and confront Sanjay and tell Melanie the truth. As Steve is talking to them, the real guy comes out and before you know it he’s hitting on two girls in a British accent. Melanie and Steve reconcile and go back inside.

As Hank’s new friend leaves, she gives him her card. She’s the manager at Lou’s house of Waffles. Owen is sad that he couldn’t find anyone, saying “Even Ahmed is going to score on ladies night.” Owen sees the business card and decides to go find Hank’s friend. Before he goes Jack warns him that “those waffles come with sausage!” “Even better,” Owen responds.

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