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Taste Savant, the "Anti-Yelp," Launching in June

tastesav.jpgLove it or hate it, there’s no denying the amount of people that head to Yelp for restaurant and bar recommendations. But Taste Savant, a new competitor to Yelp, is about to hit the local market.

Already present in New York City, Taste Savant is billed as the “anti-Yelp” in that it aggregates reviews from professional restaurant critics and your friends, rather than random strangers on Yelp, creating two different scores in attempts to determine whether you will like it. The total number of establishments reviewed on the site is far less than Yelp, but they hope to provide more trustworthy reviews instead.

The site also incorporates features from other dining sites, allowing users to book reservations, read menus, order delivery, receive dining deals, and read top ten lists in one place. A “concierge feature” allows users to tweet or Facebook their editors for recommendations. The Chicago site hopes to go live in around two weeks, there’s currently 400 restaurants and over 1000 reviews.
· Taste Savant [Official Site]


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