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Tech Stocks: Apple, Netflix, Yahoo lead techs higher

– 1 week ago @ NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Facebook (FB) shares are down sharply Tuesday, losing 5.2% to $47.89, following a downgrade from Raymond James, and a broadly weaker tech sector. However, the story is much bigger than the world’s largest social network and …

– 1 week ago @ Yelp has hit the mark of maturity for a tech company: It hired its first official lobbyist in Washington. Laurent Crenshaw is a former legislative aide to Rep. Darrell Issa who will be Yelp’s first representative in D.C. and will lead Yelp’s Washington …

– 1 week ago @ And with the new Yelp integration, the Hootlet extension shows you tweets that either mention that business, or, like the Google Maps feature, were published from near that company’s address. Clearly, this is useful for not just monitoring your own …


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