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Tech stocks: Yelp surges

Yelp’s fast rise following Wednesday’s earnings report continues. Here’s a look at the tech stocks to watch.

Positive reviews for Yelp. Shares of the online review site jumped nearly 11% in pre-market trading after announcing favorable first-quarter earnings.

The company’s revenue surged 68% compared to a year ago, as did the number of average monthly unique visitors and site reviews. Yelp also revealed it’s launching in New Zealand, which makes the local review service available in 21 countries.

After reaching a six-month low of $16.77 last November, Yelp shares have rebounded, adding $9 in value.

LinkedIn to report earnings. Shares of the professional social network are up 1.4% early as they prepare to reveal first-quarter earnings after the markets close.

Wall Street has fallen in love with LinkedIn stock, which has added nearly $90 in value since hitting $106.40 a year ago today.


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