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TELL US: What Do You Think About Yelp’s Top Ten Restaurants in Woodbridge?

These days, everyone’s a critic. On Yelp!, the website where people opine on just about everything, restaurants they love – and hate – are a popular topic.

You might be surprised what eateries made the Big Ten in Woodbridge Proper. Based on the Yelp! star rating, these are the restaurants of all types that were ranked highest in Woodbridge Township.

Read the list, then tell us if you agree, and what restaurants you think should’ve made the cut.

  1. Mie Thai, 34 Main Street, Woodbridge; 
  2. Yoshi Japanese Restaurant, 405 Pearl Street, Woodbridge;
  3. Shannon Rose Irish Pub, 855 St. Georges Avenue, Woodbridge;
  4. Bahama Breeze, 520 Woodbridge Center Drive, Woodbridge;
  5. Bertucci’s, 899 St. Georges Avenue, Woodbridge;
  6. Surrender Cafe, 695 Amboy Avenue, Woodbridge;
  7. Il Castello’s, 81 Main Street, Woodbridge; 
  8. Stawberry’s Pub, 110 Amboy Avenue, Woodbridge;
  9. Chick Fil-A, 434 Woodbridge Center, Woodbridge;
  10. Mulberry Street Restaurant, 739 Rahway Avenue, Woodbridge

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