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The Most Hipster City in America, According to Yelp

Yelp has released a fun, addictive map geo-locating aggregate keywords from all of its user review data in 14 top cities, a tool that finally resolves the age-old debate over which American city is the most hipster of them all. The Yelp Wordmap lets you look at all the times a certain word has been used to describe an establishment — or at least the words “hipster,” “yuppie,” “frat,” “PBR,” “tourist,” and a couple others. From that, we can see which pockets of a select city have the hippest (or yuppiest or frattiest) eateries and bars and such. Sure, it’s not the most scientific metric out there, because what do people who spend time writing Yelp reviews know about what’s cool? But at least this map offers more crowdsourced evidence than all those obsessive lists and extended essays. So, yeah, all you people who love to argue about this sort of thing, here’s proof almost-positive that your city is way more hipster than everyone else’s.

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Most Hipster Downtown: New York City. Given the dense red concentration of the word “hipster” all over Williamsburg and the East Village and Soho, it’s hard to deny that New York has the strongest hipster presence… below 34th Street, at least.  

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As you start to zoom out, though, things don’t look quite so hip:

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Biggest Hipster Enclave: San Francisco. Although a lot of the city has zero hipsters — maybe because of all those startup fools — San Fran does have a pretty dedicated pocket in all the neighborhoods that touch the Mission, showing just how far the enclave has spread from one hood. 

Biggest Hipster Sprawl: Philadelphia. Philly has some “hipster” showing in neighborhoods all over the city, from West Philly and Northern Liberties to South Philly and Center City — the hipsters are everywhere.

Most Quarantined Hipster Enclave: Los Angeles. Considering the sprawl of the city, those Hollywood types have managed to put all the freaks in Los Feliz, Silver Lake, and Echo Park, pretty much. 

Most Unhip City: D.C. I’m just trolling, guys, because I know that kind of thing gets you riled up. Look, now you can show all the haters that professional Yelp reviewers do consider some parts of some hoods — like H street and U street — “hipster.”  

Check out the Yelp Wordmap while you’re arguing over a PBR at the bar tonight.


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