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The Value of a Yelp Elite to your Business

While Elite Pete does look a lot like a few Elites I know, the power they wield should never be underestimated.  By pissing off just one Elite, Red Spaghetti Tattoo ceased to exist. Thier phone stopped ringing, all their good reviews were instantly filtered, just as her threats suggested they would be. Doesn’t matter that she was drunk when she asked for a tattoo and the owner refused. That was enough to cost him his legacy business. He’s had to rebrand his business and virtually start from scratch. New phone number, everything!

So while this video may poke fun at some losers who will do anything for a digital badge, there’s a very real threat there too.


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Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is the mediagenic founder of Wow! Is Me. As an award winning filmmaker and actress she is used to transforming herself and others into riveting onscreen characters. Now she uses her well honed techniques to transform everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities. As a mentor to CEOs worldwide, she is directly responsible for adding significant revenue to her client's bottom line. For information on how you can work with Adryenn Ashley, go to

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  1. Pamela Thompson

    Why are businessess being harrassed by people who only rate a 2.5 on there own site! They attach themselves to your business on search engines and show yelp reviews but when you search yelp their 2.5 review doesn’t show. They say unbiased reviews and you shouldn’t ask for a review. They offer friends, parties and elite positions to yelpers. How can that be an unbiased review?

  2. Pho 88

    Yelp is a bad company to work with. They tried to make to by into their ad and made promises but once you did not pay them enough for the ad they are trying to sell them they would filler all the five stars reviews and left you no choice to cancel their ad completely. They do not have any Legid business of true or not true customers review. They said that customers do have to eat at your restaurant to write a review and that seemed very bad business to work with. Yes they do have control of all customers reviews and it only work if you are paying them for the ad. I am very disappointed to work with Yelp and I think they are suck. I would probably don’t trust all the reviews people say on Yelp. Google will be my choices.

    1. JustDontGetIt

      Can you repeat that in English?

  3. Jack

    Good Afternoon Everyone,__I would like to provide some helpful information. Maybe it has been mentioned previously? I am a small business owner, as a matter of fact I have opened several small businesses over the years.__The obvious statement, simply put is Yelp, Angies List, Four Square, etc… are in the advertising business. NOT the reputation business. Most of us already know this. We also know they are extremely hard to deal with, fight, etc…. If you are able, here are some of the rules I have and currently follow when dealing with these companies.__1. When you register a Domain Name with a registrar like GoDaddy, register it as private, it will cost you an extra dollar or two to do it but worth it._2. Any business contact info required on any forms, utilities, business licenses, corporation filings, ANYTHING that requires personal, or business info LEAVE BLANK! or if required fill in using incorrect information. Don't let any info out other than what you want out in the public. Pay close attention to this. Everyone is data mining for your contact info._3. Regardless what everyone says about personal info being confidential, and they don't sell your info…. Is a lie! Pay attention, its critical your protect what personal info is out connected to your business._4. Eventually, being in business you are going to have a phone number and business name listed in the phone directories. By now YELP has found you and your business and you have an option to claim your business._5. Yelp will call you to try to get you to advertise. YELP WILL CALL YOU TO TRY TO GET YOU TO.ADVERTISE!!! _6. DO NOT TALK, GRUNT, OR BREATH TO ANYONE FROM YELP. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO A PERSON IS OR IF THEY ARE NOT DOING DIRECT BUSINESS WITH YOU DONT TALK, OR SPEAK. Pretend like the phone went dead, disconnected, make some white noise before you hang up or some excuse with a customer having a heart attack. Something creative. If you get into a conversation with them DONT BE RUDE, ANGRY OR ANYTHING. Lead them on like you are extremely interested, tell them you have to look over the options they have provided to you, then hang up the phone and never speak to them again. Avoid them like the plague, but politely or they will destroy your business. AGAIN, DONT SPEAK TO THEM OR LIE ABOUT YOUR INTEREST IN ADVERTISING WITH THEM._7. Don't advertise with them ever ever ever. This should go without saying. Once you start you will never be able to stop or they will destroy your business. They are like the old school pay for protection for your business…. Once you start with them you can never stop….. They will destroy your business. They destroy business that refuse to advertise with them…. Its called extortion. If you don't believe this, and want to test it out for yourselves? All these reputation companies are the same…. They are all extortionist…. If you don't pay you wont have a business._8. On your business receipts, invoices that you provide for you customers. Make a statement on your invoices that due to incorrect info that reputation companies like YELP provide your customers agree never to make any comments or statements that negatively impact your business! Have them sign it on any contracts. Have it posted by making a purchase, they agree to this on all receipts. On your website, when they checkout, prior to credit card authorization have them check a box stating they agree not to make any statement or comment that negatively affects your business._9. By doing this you protect your business, as you now have a binding contract, You can change the wording around to temper it a bit. This is a legitimate way to protect your business. You have recourse against any customers who violate and can take them to court. You also have recourse against Yelp. Stating that ALL your customers are bound by contract to never make comments or statements that negatively impact your business. WHAT THIS MEANS? That it must be some faked, lying comments from the competition, or just someone intentionally trying to put you out of business. This would violate Yelps own Terms Of Service and they will have to remove any and all statements._10. Yelp has pointed out many times that this violates freedom of speech, they have tried many times to quash what they call gag contracts. We all have a right to freedom of speech, but we all have to be responsible for the repercussions of what we say. Verbally Threatening a mans life is against the law (Felony). So, is freedom of speech defensible for this? I'm sure the president of the united states would disagree? as well as the supreme court? You are responsible for what you say.

  4. phrack

    Yelp and it's army of punk trolls need to be targeted for the same kind of harassment and slander they subject businesses to.

  5. Valerie

    Yelp is awful for businesses! When I was opening my restaurant they came to me and told me if I paid $1200. A month I would be at the top and they would not let bad reviews through if they were first time reviewers. I told them I didn’t have that kind of money so they lowered it to $350. a month I said no way so wouldn’t you know it all my good reviews started getting filtered! They are a horrible company so many other business owners I’ve spoken to had similar stories. Customers I’ve talked to that own businesses said Angie’s list does the same thing! So far in almost 5 years of being in business Google has never done anything like this to me.

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