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The World According to Yelp: Echo Park, Silver Lake Are Red-Hot Hipster …

Ajay Singh

It’s “official”—Echo Park and Silver Lake are red-hot hipster hangouts, at least according to Yelp.

The Internet ratings and reviews service has created a heat map of hipster spots in 14 cities, including Los Angeles, based on how frequently keywords such as “hipster,” “yuppie” and “pricey” appear on Yelp’s data-visualizing “Wordmap.” (Besides yuppie hotspots, the heat map features areas based on a total of 17 words—other include “cocktails,” “hangover” and “parking.”)

According to Yelp’s hipster heat map, hipsters are densest in Echo Park and Silver Lake, where, incidentally, much of the “hangovers” are also clustered. 

And that’s good news to some in nearby Highland Park, according to the HLP90042 blog, which The Eastsider L.A. credits with the following tweet: 

Oh good. Highland Park barely registers when compared to Echo Park and Silver Lake.

Click here to view Yelp’s hipster heat map.


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