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The "Yelp Of Weed": Leafly And Other Marijuana Startups Hope To Gain As Feds Ease Up On Pot

– 2 days ago @ Just as there are foodies who read Yelp, there are stoners who consult Leafly, a cannabis database made up of more than 50,000 strain reviews and 20,000 dispensary reviews. Leafly provides a resource for 2.6 million visitors each month. In August, the …


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  1. Ryan-gigs

    I am a firm believer in allowing adults the choice to act as they please with their bodies. Having said this, you know that i am a full supporter of the legalization of marijuana. Making marijuana illegal yet allowing the sale of tobacco seems inconsistent, especially considering the number of people that tobacco kills every year… I don't think the same can be said of marijuana. Moreover, making marijuana illegal does not persuade people to use.

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