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This Group of Reviewers Are Suing Yelp for Wages, Liken it to a "Slave Ship"

– 4 days ago @ A group of Yelp reviewers has filed a class-action suit against the review website, claiming they are really “unpaid writers” and deserve to be paid for their reviews of restaurants and other businesses. Yelp, if you are unfamiliar with it, is a user …

– 3 days ago @ In their pending lawsuit, the Yelpers compare Yelp to a “slave ship.” Suing for wages, authors of online reviews for the crowdsourced site argue that Yelp could not be sustained or make profits without their work. That’s true on some level, of course …

– 3 days ago @ A group of Yelp reviewers has filed a class-action lawsuit, which argues that they deserve compensation for their work on the site. Filed in a Los Angeles district court, the suit says Yelp simply designates its contributors as “independent contractors …

– 4 days ago @ The suit argues that since Yelp’s business model and success is dependent on its over 42 million user-submitted reviews, the company technically employs those users and should fork over some cash (wages, reimbursement of expenditures, and damages).


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