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This Yelp Review of Carbone is Either a Prank or a Shill

[Daniel Krieger]
Carbone, the most important Thompson Street Italian-American restaurant of early March 2013, has finally been reviewed on Yelp. Is the first review a shill? You be the judge:

Prepare for transport into the days of the Rat Pack at the latest from the owners of Torrisi and Parm … CARBONE — an overdue exploration of comfort Italian food in a place that delicately balances fur-clad models in stilettos, staff in Zac Posen-designed burgundy suits, art curated by Vito Schnabel, and beef carpaccio so beautifully prepared, you could spread it on the warm, perfect crunch-to-butter-ratio garlic bread.

Its a true testament to what dining looked like in the movies of the 60’s and early 70’s … when you dressed to dine, with friends in suit tie, over a table so full of wine glasses and food you can’t see the stains of red sauce on the tablecloth.

Plan in advance … bring the right crowd … make friends with the right people, and you can score the best seat in the house — the back brick room crescent table.

Menu highlights:

-Beef Carpaccio
-Seafood Salad
-Pasta alla Vodka
-Seafood Pasta
-Lobster Fra Diavolo
-Shrimp Scampi
-Lemon Cheesecake

This could also be a prank from someone who misses Rocco Restaurant. Three reviews were also shuffled off to the “filtered” Yelp page.
· Carbone [Yelp]
· All Coverage of Carbone [~ENY~]

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