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Trax Tops Poll Yelp Forgot

Readers spoke in no uncertain terms when Patch published a list of Yelp’s top 10 Deerfield eateries and again when we wanted to know the favorites among those which did not make the list.

Though the poll was unscientific, what was clear from reader comments is they are passionate about what they like.

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Of the 22 people who responded to the poll, 14 chose Trax Tavern Grill, two each picked Abruzzo, Carson’s and Rhapsody Café while Rosebud and Tony’s Subs each got a vote. One reader complimented Trax’s new menu items.

“Trax is another great restaurant in Deerfield,” Carly C writes. “We used to go to Carson’s for ribs. But ever since Trax put in their own smokehouse we go there for ribs and their smokehouse platters.”

Jon Hall gave kudos to Carson’s and Rhapsody Café. “Rhapsody’s new menu lineup featuring Mexican cuisine is excellent, way better than the all the taquerias dotting our area,” he writes. “Carson’s serves the best steaks in town. Carson’s rib eye is equal to any I’ve experienced locally or nationally.”

Hall was not along complimenting Rhapsody. “An underrated gem is Rhapsody,” Carol Kraines writes. “The food is good, the service is great, the vibe is warm. They are willing to make changes to the stated menu and accommodate you in any way.”

Though Italian Kitchen made Yelp’s list, it did not keep people from talking about it for this story. “I’m not usually a pasta lover, but I make an exception for Mary Sciaretta’s tortellaci, which is fantastic,” Barbara writes.”

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