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Vote: Is Yelp’s Including Louisville Restaurant Inspections and Scores a Good …

The health-inspection results and scores already have been added to Proof on Main and the Blind Pig’s listings. Proof’s last score was 97 out of 100, but it pulled an 84 back in June 2012 for seven violations; Blind Pig’s latest score was a 96, but it earned an 84 in June 2010 with four violations. Both establishments, which are on Eater’s list of the city’s best 18 restaurants, resolved those issues within a week and received subsequent scores of 99 and 100 respectively.

Commenters on this site and Louisville Hot Bytes seem to be split on whether this news is good for the city and its restaurant scene.

·It’s making public information even more accessible
·When “consumers that have improved exposure to restaurant scores, the number of foodbourne illnesses drop,” according to a Los Angeles study WHAS 11 cited.
·Partnering with Yelp makes Louisville appear on the cutting edge of using technology to foster an open government.

·The scores will benefit a for-profit, non-Louisville-based company that’s been accused of having a business model based on extorting small business owners.
·There’s no guarantee scores will be immediately updated.
·The information shouldn’t be too accessible lest it irreparably harm a restaurant’s reputation.

Tell Eater what you think in this scientific poll and comments: Is Yelp’s including Louisville restaurant inspections and scores a good thing?

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