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What Did Yelp Miss in its Restaurant Picks?

When Patch listed Yelp’s ranking of the top 10 restaurants in Highland Park, readers were quick to point out which of their favorites did not make the list.

There were about a dozen restaurants readers put forward that should be on a top rated restaurant list for Highland Park, including Nieto’s, Country Kitchen, Real Urban Barbecue and City Park Grill.

“Food and service are always great!” writes Michael R. Weiss about City Park Grill. “All price points and huge variety of food choices available in this kid friendly eating spot run by superb restaurant people! Add the nice atmosphere and it’s hard to beat.”

City Park Grill owner Ted Holleb responded to Weiss and other readers that chimed in about their affection for Holleb’s restaurant.

“We so appreciate our customers like you that help spread the word about us,” Holleb writes. “We are always looking for feedback to help us keep improving.”

Moe @ the Buck suggested substituting Lou Malnati’s for Moccio’s Pizza. And Greg V said the list was bogus without the mention of Benjamin.

“This whole list is invalidated by the omission of Benjamin,” he writes. 

Other readers were generally pleased that there was so much to choose from in the city.

“Love that there are so many great choices in Highland Park,” writes Donna.

She’s not the only one. 

“Highland Park is fortunate to be graced with lots of good (great) restaurants which appeal to many diverse tastes,” writes Doug Purington.

So what’s the best of the places that Yelp missed? Below is a poll with all the restaurants you mentioned that weren’t in Yelp’s original list.

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