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What Is Deerfield’s Best Restaurant Yelp Forgot?

When Patch listed Yelp’s ranking of the top 10 restaurants in Deerfield our readers were quick to let people know their favorites which did not make the list. There were eight listed in the comments to the story.

When something like that happens, Patch just has to take the community’s temperature with a poll of those our readers praised.

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The restaurants mentioned by readers not on Yelp’s top 10 are Trax Tavern Grill, Tony’s Subs, Rosebud, Rhapsody Café, Panera Bread (Deerfield or Bannockburn), Carson’s, Biaggi’s and Abruzzo.

The story even inspired a conversation between readers Walter White and Italian Kitchen owner John Sciarretta. White was not happy with his visits to the restaurant and Sciarretta was eager to change his perception.

“I am sorry that you have such a terrible view of our restaurant,” Sciarretta wrote. “If your food was disgusting, did you point it out to someone who cares? We (The Sciarretta family) believe in “love people, cook them good food”. It would have been an honor for one of us to correct our mistake, and make things right.”

White was not shy about expressing his reason for dissatisfaction. “The last time I made a comment to the waitress about my food, (including the inordinate amount of time it took to get it) I got an icy stare and a ‘that’s how long it takes,’” he wrote.

Sciarretta acknowledged the comment and offered an explanation. “Our dinning time is a constant and ongoing issue,” he wrote. “Small kitchen and cooked to order makes it very difficult to keep times reasonable, even more so when we are busy. If I get the opportunity to serve you again, please bring yourself to my attention.”

Another reader, Chris Ripkey, came to the Italian Kitchen’s defense. “Italian Kitchen has great pizza and food,” Ripkey wrote. “Reminds me of Tonnellis in Northbrook before they made it into a Walgreens.”

Another reader, Brandy Quiggles, had no issue with Kevin’s Place, the eatery at the top of the Yelp list. “All I have to say is I totally 1000% agree with the No. 1 pick 🙂 that is all,” she wrote.

Amy Parker made an argument for two of the places not on the Yelp list. “Does anyone else ever eat at Abruzzo,” she writes” I love that place. Their gnocchi rates right up there with some of the best I’ve ever had. Big-time comfort food.

“Rhapsody is a standby for us, too. Very reliable, breakfast any time (yay!) and reasonably priced. Doesn’t pretend to be some high-end gourmet place either. Yelp is silly and as someone else commented, the ratings are stacked.”

Please take the poll below. We will publish the results later in the week.

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