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What might happen if Yelp paid reviewers? It could cost $12.8 billion.

– 11 hours ago @ Paying reviewers $273 per review would cost Yelp 56 times what it makes in an entire year,

– 5 days ago @ A group of Yelp reviewers has filed a class-action lawsuit, which argues that they deserve compensation for their work on the site. Filed in a Los Angeles district court, the suit says Yelp simply designates its contributors as “independent contractors …

– 3 days ago @ The plaintiffs also claim to have been unjustly “fired” by Yelp when their accounts were suspended, and that they were pressured by the site to write more reviews in order to remain “Elite” Yelpers, a designation the site awards its most active and …

– 5 days ago @ A class action lawsuit has been filed by a group of Yelp reviewers who believe they deserve compensation for their work on the site.


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