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Who has the Tri-State's best goetta?

CINCINNATI – Glier’s Goettafest — a festival dedicated to the mouthwatering meat that Cincinnatian’s love — is this weekend.

But if you find yourself craving that perfect blend of pork, beef, whole grain, oats, onions and spices once the festivities have ended, has compiled a list of the top places to get goetta in the Tri-State.

The local reviews came up with a variety of choices. Here are nine of the best:

1. Price Hill Chili – Goetta and cheese omelet.

2. The Echo – German Great breakfast, including a monster amount of goetta, potato pancakes, baked apples, eggs and toast.

3. Main Street Diner – Unlimited coffee and tea refills alongside $1 goetta sides.

4. Nectar – Goetta melt with a fried egg and chipotle-lime hollandaise.

5. Mokka – Goetta grinder

6. Christy Lenhardt’s – Goetta grilled cheese

7. Newport Pizza Company – Goettapalooza pizza, topped with goetta, scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and gravy.

8. Skirtz Johnston’s – Goetta apricot danish

9. Glier’s – Buy it at your local grocery store, take it home and make it!

For the full review and more Yelp “Best of” reviews, visit .

What do you think of the list? Where are your favorite places to get goetta? Let us know in the comment section below.

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