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Why Are People Reviewing Austin Jails On Yelp?


This is fun! But also kind of sad. KUT has an irreverent take on the Yelp page for the Travis County Jail downtown. There are six reviews amounting to a one-and-a-half star rating, and most of them are just folks sending up their time in the pokey. But others are…revealing, and not necessarily of the Travis County Jails’ inner-workings. We’re peeling back layers of peoples’ lives.

For example, here’s a snippet from user Calico R.:

my only genuine offense was that my lisence had expired, and I explained to the cop how I had received a violation for parking in a handicap zone in MA when I lived in NY, that the charge and further fees were upwards of $1000 at this point and i had been working that night despite extreme exhaustion exclusively to remedy that.
I assumed the sobriety tests were somewhat of a formality, and, exhausted,, teeth chattering and violently shivering in the cold, i complied as best I was able. I was not allowed to approach my vehicle for a jacket, however, next thing I knew, an officer was scouring my purse. I wanted rto ask when I had consented them could search my things, but have previously been refuted with an explanation that my lack of consent constituted probable cause.

Calico’s previous reviews include a towing company and HEB.

And then there’s this poem from Imelda S., from 2009:

I have only been to visit an ex-lover not to stay overnight or anything.
Although the waiting is bad enough.
There are usually a bunch of really interesting stereotypes that go to visit their friends and family in jail.
I never plan to go back for any visits or overnighters.
If any future lovers get locked up for more than a couple of nights,
I mean for me to actually do the jail visitation thing
Its not worth the relationship
I promise.

But perhaps Don R. put it best in his review: “WARNING THEY TAKE AWAY YOUR IPHONE!”


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