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Wunderlich Speculates on Possible Yahoo! Targets: Sees Yelp as Best …

Wunderilch’s Blake Harper is making some waves Monday morning, speculating on several possible takeover targets for Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO).

With CEO Marissa Mayer recently on the prowl, Harper believes Yelp (NASDAQ: YELP), Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA), OpenTable (NASDAQ: OPEN) and Millennial Media (NYSE: MM) could all be on the table as buyout candidates.

The analyst called a Yahoo! bid for Yelp the most likely scenario amid possible advertising synergies and a strong presence in the mobile segment.

Harper also mentioned Tumblr, Foursquare, Hulu, Flipboard and Jumptag as possible targets for Yahoo! and Mayer.

The Wunderlich analyst currently has a hold rating on OpenTable and a Hold rating on Yelp.

Shares of Yelp are down more than 1 percent Monday afternoon, shares of OpenTable are down 0.3 percent, and Zynga shares are rallying, up nearly 9 percent to around $3.89.

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