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Yelp Android app update allows for writing and publishing of reviews from

– 18 hours ago @ Yelp’s latest iOS update might be a minor one, but it could make finding new haunts and publishing reviews via mobile app easier. First thing you’ll notice is that the familiar Home page’s nowhere to be seen — “Nearby” takes its place as the default …

– 1 day ago @ About two months ago, Yelp launched an update to its iPhone app, adding the ability to write reviews for businesses from the app. Now, the functionality has come to Android. This is obviously a major part of Yelp, and it …

– 1 day ago @ The Yelp app has been updated with new navigation that makes it easier to discover great places nearby, add photos and reviews, and check in. Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you can drive to before your tank …

– 1 week ago @ Yelp The validity of Yelp reviews has always been called into question. Are those great reviews from the business itself? Are those horrible reviews from competitors? It’s always hard to know whether the online business review you’re reading is authentic.


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