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Yelp brings the heat (map)

It’s like a weather radar predicting your dining forecast.

Yelp has released a heat map of 14 cities worldwide, based on popular keywords from each region reviewers on the site use to describe their dining experiences. The more a word pops up in a review, the darker the area becomes on the map.

So where are Chicago’s hipsters? The map reveals dark red blobs hovering above Wicker Park, and down Milwaukee from about Diversey to Armitage in Logan Square. Where’s PBR popping up? Wicker Park and Logan Square take that category again. Bacon? According to the map, Lincoln Park and the Near North side are best bets. Reviews that mention Frat? Lincoln Park north to Wrigleyville and east to Boystown is saturated.

How does your ‘hood stack up? There’s more than a dozen searchable keywords at the Yelp map.

(h/t Crain’s Chicago.)


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