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Yelp CEO Sells $1008537 in Stock (YELP)

– 1 week ago @ Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman engaged in a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) today, taking on an assault of questions about extortion, fake reviews, lawsuits, wages, and just about everything you’ve ever heard people allege about the company. Not that he has …

– 1 week ago @ Recently, Yelp’s (YELP) CEO Jeremy Stoppelman was on, answering questions from investors and consumers of the website. The conversation was very interesting because the users of the website were able to ask questions anonymously …

– 1 week ago @ Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman dismissed critics, traded profanity and highlighted one of his favorite Yelp reviews — for the well-endowed Bicycle Shorts Man of Atlanta — in a freewheeling Reddit AMA on Friday. Reddit critics addressed the most …

– 1 week ago @ Analysts at Jefferies led by Brian Pitz and Brian Fitzgerald reinstated a Buy rating on shares of Yelp (NASDAQ: YELP) Tuesday morning. The analysts had previously restricted coverage on the name. Jefferies’ price target was raised from $50 to $80.


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