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Print this Post’s ‘Coronado Connoisseur’ Faces Down a ‘Behemoth Burrito’

A reviewer who dubs himself “The Coronado Connoisseur” is making his way through Coronado and San Diego restaurants one-by-one and recording his journey on

He links to a Facebook page where he documents his feats of daring-eating-do and identifies himself in full as Joshua Hockett.

He works aboard the USS Ronald Reagan and favors establishments where he can take on a major meal challenge, finishing a huge sandwich, pile of ribs or mondo breakfast. 

In one of his latest showdowns, he confronted what he called “a 6lb mega blowout burrito” at the K39 Taco Shop in Santee. Could he finish it in under an hour? Check out the video to see.

He also has reviewed Coronado restaurants, including Yummy Sushi, Il Fornaio and Peohe’s.

To see him face off with other daunting plates, see his YouTube page.


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