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Yelp Expands into Restaurant Takeout Delivery

YelpYelp has announced new deals with businesses in San Francisco and New York City that will enable the platform to branch into food delivery. Residents of the aforementioned locales will be able to order food from restaurants profiled on the trafficked communal-review site.

The service can now be accessed via PC and iOS, with availability soon-to-arrive for Android users. Around a hundred businesses have teamed to make it all possible, including the online ordering services and Eat24Hours.

Investors greeted the news on Thursday by giving a five percent boost to Yelp stock, which closed the day at a record high of $37.45.

Yelp will be taking an undisclosed commission from food orders facilitated through its site, which will undoubtedly be a boon for the nine-year-old directory service that has long-relied on ad revenues for income.

Online food delivery is becoming the new rage in eCommerce, as more PC and mobile users embrace the convenience of having produce, baking goods and even prepared meals delivered from eateries and grocers across congested cities. Food-delivery services such as Seamless and GrubHub are currently expanding their bases of operation, while AmazonFresh and Instacart are cornering the markets for grocery delivery.

Yelp knows that in order to stay competitive, it will need to deliver orders with promptness and perfection. But if the company masters the logistics of its undertaking, restaurant-takeout delivery should be a huge hit amongst city residents that lead busy lives, lack decent transportation or simply prefer to have meals delivered without the hassles of traffic jams and stop lights.


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