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Yelp Highlights Santee’s Starry Lane Bakery

Santee’s Starry Lane Bakery topped a list five of great places to get cookies in the San Diego area in the Weekly Yelp. It was chosen for the shop focus on catering to alternative diets, specifically being “vegan-friendly.”

Here’s what Yelp had to say about the local bakery:

Starry Lane Bakery– Vegan family approved! The biscottis are Justin B’s ‘go-to items’ in the ‘largely vegan-unfriendly desert city of Santee,’ but he ‘can’t resist when they have something new in the display case.’ Simply put, ‘Starry Lane is like a sweet oasis!’ “

The baked items at Starry Lane contain no nuts, gluten, dairy or eggs. Nonetheless, you’ll find raspberry dollops, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal chocolate cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, dark chocolate macaroons, sugar cookies, chocolate orange biscotti and many more tasty treats.

Other bakeries in the list include Uncle Biff’s Killer CookiesThe CravoryD BarThe Secret Cookie Service.

COMMENT: What’s your favorite place to get cookies in Santee? In the county? Do you know of any other shops in Santee friendly to alternative diets?


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