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Yelp! I Need More PPC…

Are you capitalizing on your existing Yelp listing? Here is a great opportunity to take advantage of this invaluable local real estate and drive more revenue to your property. Learn more about Yelp PPC ads!

What is Yelp PPC?
The PPC Team at Milestone is offering Yelp PPC to help our clients capitalize on their existing Yelp listings. By bidding on your existing Yelp ad, we will be able to control where your property’s Yelp ad shows in the Yelp search results, primarily ensuring your Yelp ad shows in the top of the search results for your geographic area. By bidding to your Yelp ad to rotate into the top of the search results, your hotel property is increasing competitive exposure and visits to the site.

Why Invest?
So you have a distinct hotel site, increased Yelp ratings, and awesome Yelp reviews…why not make sure you are boasting your stars and bars over your key competitors? In addition to increasing competitive exposure, we are offering Yelp PPC to take your high ratings and reviews to the next level, targeting searches based on demographic, price and amenities. In addition to increasing visibility, hotel bookings and reviews, Yelp PPC also has the advantage of a 300% price reduction! On average the CPC is as low at $1 as opposed to the usual $3 minimum CPC through Yelp Business Ads. Lastly, with the availability of Yelp PPC on any device and the low cost to invest, we will be able to track the basic Key Performance Indicators such as impressions, clicks and CTR%.

When How to Get Started?
Contact your PPC Account Manager to get set up! Please expect a 2-week lead time for set up and launch of Yelp PPC ads, as well as a minimum monthly investment of $300.

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