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Yelp iOS Update Brings New Discovery Features, Refreshed Design

Yelp iOS Update Brings New Discovery Features, Refreshed Design

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June 11, 2013 +

yelp ios app update

Yelp, which saw its fair share of controversy last month, rolled out a new update to its iOS app this week, unveiling a refreshed visual design and introducing a number of enhanced features to help you find points of interest “spontaneously” based on past activities, recommendations from friends and other Yelp users, time of day, and even weather.

The App’s latest update is all about improving Yelp’s “Nearby” tab. It now features a list of local businesses based on your location, as well as past check-ins and reviews of each restaurant or place of interest. The app will also suggest restaurants based on time and temperature, suggesting a spot with outdoor seating if it’s a nice day. The “Events” feature also gets a redesign, and now offers a list of nearby events and other things to do.

While announcing the update, Yelp notes that almost half (45 percent) of its internal searches are made on mobile devices, which explains why the company is focusing on improving its iOS experience. For Android users, the Yelp update is on the way and will land in the Google Play Store in the near future.

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