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Yelp on Fake Reviews: We Filter 25% of Suspicious Reviews

– 6 hours ago @ Yelp says that up to a quarter of the reviews the company receives may be fake, and that its automated review filter suppresses about 25 percent of reviews it deems as being suspicious. However, Yelp admits that the system isn’t completely accurate.

– 1 week ago @ Consumer Reports Money Adviser also checked out other rating services, including Yelp and Google Plus Local. Google Plus Local didn’t respond when asked how it verifies that its reviews are from real customers. Yelp told Consumer Reports that they have …

– 4 days ago @ Yelp, the online directory and consumer review site, says a quarter of all the reviews it receives are filtered out as possible fakes.

– 11 hours ago @ Cowen’s Kevin Kopelman has raised his Yelp ( YELP +6% ) PT to $80 from $60, and says he’s more confident about the company’s ad sales growth following talks with management. Kopelman’s long-term view definitely isn’t a conservative one: He predicts Yelp will have a whopping 700K advertisers in 10 years, up from a mere 51.4K at the end of Q2. Shares are close to their all-time high of $71.50 …


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