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Yelp Opens to Possible Facebook Partnership


Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO and Founder of Yelp

Yelp Inc. has opened its doors to partnering with Facebook Inc. This is in connection with the social media’s graph search that opened its doors for a possible partnership says Yelp’s CFO, Rob Krolik.

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Earlier in January, Facebook announced its beta version of the graph search feature. This will allow Facebook users to look around their network and find locations of restaurants and other places. Movie recommendations can also be read on making Facebook a direct Yelp competitor. The only similar feature missing is its ability to allow customer reviews posted once a graph search is made.

According to analysts, the partnership between the two social media giants will bring a negative impact to Yelp as Facebook have lots of chances to imitate small companies. Nevertheless, Krolik announced interest in partnering with Facebook for the graph search feature. On the other hand, Facebook has kept quiet about speculations on any partnership deals with Yelp. 




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