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Yelp Overhauls iOS App, Adds Mobile Reviews to Android

– 18 hours ago @ The popular local search and review app Yelp has just received what may be one of its biggest updates yet on iOS, or at least on iPhone. “The government shut down may have ground Washington to a halt, but it hasn’t slowed down the Yelp Mobile team,” …

– 18 hours ago @ Yelp’s latest iOS update might be a minor one, but it could make finding new haunts and publishing reviews via mobile app easier. First thing you’ll notice is that the familiar Home page’s nowhere to be seen — “Nearby” takes its place as the default …

– 1 day ago @ After about two months of what you could call an iOS-only test, Yelp is now letting Android users write reviews directly from their mobile device, too. Yelp didn’t allow its users to write reviews on mobile devices until launching that feature on iOS …

– 1 day ago @ About two months ago, Yelp launched an update to its iPhone app, adding the ability to write reviews for businesses from the app. Now, the functionality has come to Android. This is obviously a major part of Yelp, and it …


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