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Yelp! Reviews: How Many Stars Would You Give Mill Valley?

Rating restaurants and dry cleaners seems like the norm on Yelp!, but there are far more entertaining reviews if you delve into the “Local Flavor” section of the website.

No. 1 on the list is the Mill Valley Film Festival, earning four-and-a-half stars over the course of nine ratings.  

Mill Valley itself garnered three-and-a-half stars for … something? 

“In one of the top most five expensive county’s to live in, Mill Valley takes the cake as the most scenic ( in my opinion ),” Sophia M. from San Bruno wrote.

Yelpers praised the town’s proximity to the city, the architecture and the redwoods. 

“And best of all lots of the original bohemians still live here and we are bonded in that way the really cool people just are,” Barbara S. wrote. “There is nowhere else I would rather call home.”

But not all Yelpers loved Mill Valley though. Among the critiques? Parking, freeway access and lack of diversity.

“The only reason that I am giving Mill Valley 2 stars is because of the convenience… This attitude of self-importance is killing me,” Emilia M. from Novato wrote.

Other less-common Yelp! reviews include Northern California Kayak Anglers, Horse Hill and Scout Hall—complete with a history of the building. 

How would you rate Mill Valley on Yelp? What other local spots deserve a Yelp! rating? Tell us in the comment section below.


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