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Yelp sues North Vancouver man for fake positive reviews

– 2 days ago @ A popular customer review site is taking one North Vancouver user to court for making money on false claims.

– 1 week ago @ VANCOUVER, B.C. (CN) – An anonymous Yelp user is cutting into advertising revenue by posting fake reviews of businesses for a fee, the website claims in court. California-based Yelp Inc. claims in B.C. Supreme Court that the North Vancouver man uses a …

– 1 week ago @ yelp-logo Review site Yelp is no stranger to the court system; it has been sued many times by disgruntled small business owners upset over its business practices and authenticity of reviews. However, in an unusual turn of events, Yelp is the claimant …

– 4 days ago @ 19 Companies Fined for Fake Yelp Reviews. As many as 3 percent of all online reviews for products are fabrications people were paid to write. 02:46 | 09/24/2013. Related Links: Watch: Yelp Investigates Phony Reviews · Yelp Sues Firm Over Alleged Fake …


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