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Yelp, The Ripoff Report review, complaint sites: More people sued for posting …

Have a complaint about a business?

These days, many people vent it online, on various business review websites.

But more and more businesses are now fighting back with lawsuits.

Businesses Fight Back

The web has been the consumers best friend in recent years. Travel plans ruined by an airline? Unhappy with an appliance you bought? Then you can post a complaint online, at sites like:

    The Ripoff Report…
    Trip Advisor…
    Angie’s List…

…and others.

But Consumer Reports Magazine’s Money Advisor warns that a growing number of companies are now suing people posting negative comments.

It’s because negative comments remain on the web forever and can harm a company’s reputation for years.

Doesn’t that Stink?

So  from the “doesn’t that stink” file, the innocent phrases that could get you sued.

Consumer Reports says when complaining, avoid phrases like:

    “…scammed  me…”
    “…stole my money…”
    “…a horrible business…”
    …and similar phrases that a lawyer could claim are libel.

But the magazine says it is safe to complain if your complaint is legit, deals with just one issue, and can be
supported with some proof.

Bottom line: Consumer Reports says feel free to use your First Amendment right to free speech to post a review business, hotel or restaurant. Just keep it factual and leave emotion out of it.


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