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Yelp, TripAdvisor change the game for travelers, businesses

– 1 week ago @ A group of California Yelp reviewers recently filed a class action lawsuit against the popular website claiming their reviews of restaurants and other businesses are integral to Yelp’s success, and therefore, they deserve compensation—even though all …

– 1 week ago @ In their pending lawsuit, the Yelpers compare Yelp to a “slave ship.” Suing for wages, authors of online reviews for the crowdsourced site argue that Yelp could not be sustained or make profits without their work. That’s true on some level, of course …

– 5 days ago @ The online site says its filtering works in the same way for advertisers and non-advertisers. “There is no amount of money a business can pay Yelp to manipulate reviews and our filter doesn’t punish those who don’t advertise. Period,” it said.

– 4 days ago @ When it comes to scouting out a new bakery, pizzeria or noodle shop, there are few review sites that compare to Yelp. In turn, the reviews left on sites like Yelp can have a big effect on many restaurants’ bottom lines. That’s created a huge incentive …


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