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Yelp updates iOS app’s interface, launches mobile reviews for Android

– 1 day ago @ Yelp has announced an update to their Android app, bringing the functionality of publishing reviews from your mobile device to your mobile device. Noting that “the stars have aligned” for this update, and acknowledging it’s long past due, the Yelp team …

– 1 day ago @ Yelp updated its iOS app today with a slightly tweaked UI that makes it easier for users to quickly post reviews, photos and check-in at locations. The app is getting rid of its old Home tab and now by default loads up the “Nearby” tab. In addition …

– 5 days ago @ Amid news that nearly 20% of Yelp reviews are “suspicious” (and Yelp’s response that they automatically filter those ones out), it’s easy to wonder how to tell a good review from a bad one, or how to make sure yours stands out as actual good advice.

– 4 hours ago @ Yelp for iOS just got its biggest update yet, but Android wasn’t left out in the cold.


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