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Yelp User Posts Negative Review of Health Spa, Owner Calls Him a Perv

A disappointed customer who decided to inform the world of his negative experience at a Philadelphia health spa took his review to Yelp, where he gave the business two stars and a “meh.”

But Restore Bodywork Reflexology felt user “Carlo M.” had inadvertently omitted several details in his evaluation of the facility’s massage services, and decided the least they could do after denying him a happy ending was finish his review for him.

The jury is still out on whether “PervGuard” is a real thing (Google suggests it is not), but, either way, don’t ask your massage therapist for a sexual favor unless you’re certain they won’t say no and/or call you out on it when you negatively review them on Yelp.

[H/T: Reddit, screengrab via Yelp]


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