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Yelp vs. Angie’s List: A lesson for social media investors

– 1 week ago @ Do you want to be the Roger Ebert of social media food reviews? If so, now’s your chance: This week, Facebook added a “review” button for the Pages of Places. You can write about your amazing trip to the local seafood market or compose a scathing …

– 1 week ago @ Next Previous Slideshow Download. We’ve done a fun feature at some Patch site’s around the Los Angeles area where we take a look at Yelp’s list of “Best Restaurants” for a city and ask readers what they think of the list. Here’s an example. We wanted …

– 3 days ago @ Yelp, the local online business and restaurant guide that has become the web’s go-to resource for reviews of local businesses since launching in 2004, announced its 2013 third quarter earnings after the market closed this afternoon. For the second …

– 1 week ago @ That’s why the owners of the Raleigh shop are concerned about the filtering of online reviews on Yelp, a website that allows customers to rate and review businesses. The site has a practice of filtering reviews and showcasing ones that have been chosen …


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