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Yelp wars; North Fessenden Street’s turn-around: North Portland news

SHANNON_WIBERG_4_21827835.JPGView full sizeShannon Wiberg, pictured in Kenton, will hold a country dance party there in June.
Happy Thursday, North Portland. I’m holed up, writing stories about inspiring teenagers today. But first, the news:

Larry Bingham reports a proposed bill that would have put teeth into Good Neighbor Agreements with bars and taverns may have failed in the Oregon legislature but the effort will continue, supporters say. The idea for Oregon House Bill 3256 grew out of neighborhood frustrations about rowdy tavern patrons, bar noise, litter and parking problems, particularly around bustling North Mississippi Street and Northeast Alberta Street.

Swan Island burger joint Tilt is waging war against Yelp. The restaurant says the review site is dinging it unfairly after it refused to buy an ad. Here’s the latest. And for background, check out this Portland Mercury piece.

The Living Section follows up its earlier story about University of Portland student Sam Bridgman with a piece about his after-college plans.

I had a high old time meeting the subject of my latest True North profile. Shannon Wiberg deejays soul music dance parties as DJ Action Slacks. I even worked in an Otis Redding reference on this one.

KGW has a story about the OLCC’s plan to vote next week on restrictions for bars with outdoor patios adjacent to residences. The issue came to a head, KGW reports, when tenants of relatively new complex The Albert began complaining about noise from the Maui’s patio. For the back-and-forth, check out the KGW story.

The Eliot Spring Clean-up is Sunday, so start collecting all your trash now. Residents will also be swapping stuff, so you could find some new treasures.

I’m a little late on this one, but University of Portland adjunct drama instructor Andrea Stolowitz, performing and fine arts, won the 2013 Angust L. Bowmer Award for Drama as part of the 2013 Oregon Book Awards for her play, Antarktikos. Stolowitz is the first University of Portland faculty member to win an Oregon Book Award.

Two months
after a neighborhood group and the city reached an agreement to divert
freight traffic away from the residential road, Fessenden feels “wildly
better,” residents said.
Check out my story about the changes

— Casey Parks


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