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Yelp Wordmap Chicago: Feature Offers Key Insights On Where To Find Bacon …

Need helping learning more about your city without, you know, actually venturing out into it?

Yelp has always been helpful for this — at least on the North Side, that is — and now it’s taken its plethora of data to create “Wordmaps” that depict the density with which certain keywords spring up in user reviews around town in 14 cities with the most prominent Yelp presence, Chicago among them.

What sorts of “fascinating patterns of local discovery” spring up from Chicago’s heatmaps? Well, we’ve highlighted eight findings that particularly jumped out at us below.

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  • Where Are The Hipsters?

    According to Yelp, a href=”” target=”_blank”the city’s two strongest “hipster” strongholds/a center on the Logan Square and Wicker Park neighborhoods. And Boystown wins the bronze medal. That seems about right.

  • Where Are The Cocktails?

    Apparently a href=”” target=”_blank”you can’t throw a rock without hitting a vodka-rocks/a in the Mag Mile and River North. We were surprised ‘hoods like Wicker Park and Logan Square didn’t leave more of an impression here, thanks to popular spots like Violet Hour and the Whistler, but hey: I guess a href=”” target=”_blank”you really can’t beat the view from the Signature Room/a.

  • Where’s The Bacon?

    a href=”” target=”_blank”Chicago’s bacon heatmap/a looks like the remnants of a tomato war (especially when compared to maps in Los Angeles or San Diego), but the strongest enclaves appear to be tourist-friendly River North and the Mag Mile, followed by Lincoln Park (specifically near the Armitage Brown Line stop) and Boystown.

  • Where’s The Romance?

    a href=”” target=”_blank”The Near North Side seems to be where it’s at/a for all things “romantic.” We’re sure the booze helps. (We see you too, Lincoln Park, is it the proximity to a href=”” target=”_blank”adorable zoo babies/a, perhaps?)

  • Where Are The Frat Boys?

    a href=”” target=”_blank”Surprise/a! (Lakeview.. but nice try, Wicker Park.)

  • Where Are The Tourists?

    Duh: Navy Pier and the Near North Side/Mag Mile/River North. If you turn your head to the right and a href=”” target=”_blank”look at the tourist heatmap sideways/a, it sort of looks like the shadow of a tourist asking for directions to the nearest Segway rental station.

  • Where’s The Pasta?

    Apparently a href=”” target=”_blank”tourists LOVE pasta/a. (Who could blame them?)

  • Where’s The PBR?

    Wait, a href=”” target=”_blank”didn’t we already/a a href=”” target=”_blank”look at this map/a? Also, way to represent Damen/Irving Park/Lincoln! (Sorry, we can’t explain that one.)

There, now you can “live like a local.”


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