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Yelp Wordmap Helps Find Hot Spots In Local Scenes

Yelp has come up with an interesting way to identify patterns in reviews in 14 cities world wide.

It’s called Wordmap. You can look for words like noodles, pricey, pbr, kosher and more (it is a static list so don’t get too excited about the options here). A heat map is rendered based on density of the keywords in reviews in the city.

We thought we would give it spin. Our choice was looking at the word ‘bacon’ in Washington DC. Interestingly enough there is a concentration for the word around the White House and the Capitol building so it looks like this works pretty well. (Just think about it for a minute. Bacon… pork … DC).

Yelp Wordmap DC Bacon

Interesting? Useful? Gimmick? What’s your take?

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