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Yelp Wordmap Los Angeles: Feature Offers Key Insights On Where To Find …

Not sure where LA hipsters go to kill time on a Saturday afternoon? Need help finding love? Hungry for some quality bacon?

Yelp’s new “Wordmaps” highlights areas around the city in which keywords from Yelp reviews spring up. These heatmaps depict local patterns and clearly identify characteristics of LA neighborhoods.

Below, we’ve featured eight of our favorite keywords. Read on to find out which neighborhoods stake claims to the highest concentration of toursits, valet parking and frat boys…

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  • Where Are The Hipsters?

    LA’s a href=”” target=”_blank”hipster hotspots/a are Echo Park, Silverlake, Los Feliz and downtown. We see some overlaps with a href=”” target=”_hplink”LA’s supposedly douchiest neighborhoods/a.

  • Where’s The Worst Parking?

    Parking is mentioned in a lot of reviews of spots in a href=”” target=”_blank”Koreatown, downtown and Hollywood/a. Knowing those congested neighborhoods, those parking mentions are parking complaints.

  • Where’s The Pasta?

    Downtown and Pasadena are a href=”” target=”_blank”LA’s pasta centers/a.

  • Where Are The Tourists?

    Yelp consolidates LA tourism into two main contingents — a href=”” target=”_blank”Hollywood and Santa Monica/a. We could never have guessed.

  • Where’s Valet Parking?

    LA’s a href=”” target=”_blank”valet hot spot /aseems to be Koreatown (a necessity because there’s no parking anywhere to be found). Other major areas include Hollywood and Mid-City West.

  • Where’s The Romance?

    Things start to heat up a href=”” target=”_blank”in Mid-City West (think The Grove) and in Pasadena/a.

  • Where Are The Frat Boys?

    We’ve got a high frat concentration a href=”” target=”_blank”Hermosa Beach, West LA and Hollywood/a.

  • Where’s The Bacon?

    Downtown takes the crown as the a href=”” target=”_blank”bacon capital/a of Los Angeles, with West Hollywood and Pasadena are runner-ups.


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