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Yelp’s 7 Best Hillsborough Restaurants

Yelp provides visitors with information about businesses, and is driven by customer-provided reviews.

Which can be helpful when you’re looking for a place to enjoy dinner—reading others’ experiences can help you choose where you want to go.

But do you trust such comments? Especially about food?

Yelp says these seven restaurants are the most highly rated in Hillsborough—tell us if you agree, or add your own, in the comments.

  1. La Costeñita, 450 Amwell Road. With 20 reviews, this Mexican restaurant scores 4.5 stars (out of five possible). Fans rave about the fresh produce used and the helpful staff.
  2. Divine Curry Restaurant, 378 South Branch Road. Thirteen reviews tally a 4.5 score for this “Moghul-level” Indian restaurant; samosas and korma are favorites.
  3. Angelo’s Pizzeria, 435 Amwell Road. You’re not from Hillsborough if you don’t know Angelo’s…it scores a perfect five with 10 reviewers, who described the food with words like “delicious,” “delicious,” and “delicious.”
  4. Lee’s Sushi, 438 Route 206 So. Lee’s scores four stars for its “Consistently delicious sushi” and hospitality.
  5. Joe’s Pizza, 856 Route 206 So. Joe’s packs ’em in on weekends, where diners give the restaurant’s Brooklyn pizza four stars.
  6. Pheasants Landing Restaurant, 311 Amwell Road. Diners rave about the German-style food, others bemoan inexperienced staff, but it averages out to a four-star rating for this Hillsborough landmark.
  7. Thai Kitchen III, 649 Route 206 N. Another four star average with the most comments on Yelp of Hillsborough’s top restaurants (48!), with diners generally praising the fast and friendly service—and tasty food. 


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